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ATSSA is dedicated to being a reliable and accurate source of innovative technology information. As the industry moves towards an automated and more technologically advanced future, prepare and learn from best practices and resources related to traffic safety topics and technical services. 

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A High-Level Look at the Recent Updates to the MUTCD and What They Mean for You

In this QuickChat webinar, held in April 2024, hear highlights for the recently released MUTCD regulations and what has changed….

ATSSA Annual Report 2021

ATSSA’s 2021 Annual Report: Resilience & Records includes a letter from President & CEO Stacy Tetschner, ways to connect with…

ATSSA Annual Report 2022

ATSSA’s 2022 Annual Report: Connecting & Collaborating includes a letter from President & CEO Stacy Tetschner, ways to connect with…

ATSSA Annual Report 2023

ATSSA’s 2023 Annual Report: Raising the Bar to Embrace the Future, describes how the Association significantly raised the bar to…

Federal Highway Administration
ATSSA List of Pavement Marking Policies

ATSSA’s Pavement Marking Committee developed a list of policies and continues to work toward advancing the collaboration between the roadway…

Automated transportation terms

Find terms and definitions related to automated and connected transportation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Intelligence that is learned, displayed, and…

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This searchable database allows you to find certified roadway safety professionals for hire, as well as to verify certification status.

Flagger Verification Search

This searchable database allows you to verify certified flaggers.