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Workers unloading the back of a truck with signs
Traffic Control Technician (TCT)

An introduction to temporary traffic control in work zones for individuals who work in the field installing and removing traffic control devices. The course provides concepts, techniques and practice exercises in the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices.

Traffic Control Supervisor
Traffic Control
Supervisor (TCS)

Designed to train those who will be actively involved in designing, setting up and maintaining temporary traffic control in a work zone. It moves from the concepts and techniques taught in the TCT course to the implementation of traffic control plans and techniques for installation and removal.

Flagger Certification Training

The flagger’s role is to protect project personnel and provide safe, courteous and authoritative directions to traffic seeking passage through the work area. This course will teach students standard flagger control references, proper flagging signals procedures and standard flagger practices for various situations. ATSSA flagger training is available online or in-person.

State Requirements

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Certification & Recertification

Gain a competitive edge by becoming ATSSA certified. After completing one of our high-level safety training courses, take the next step in your career by adding an ATSSA certification designation.

Corporate Training Program

ATSSA’s Corporate Training Program is available to companies that want to provide ATSSA-quality roadway safety training in-house to their staff or members.


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