Flagger Verification Search

This searchable database allows you to verify certified flaggers. To find other roadway safety professionals for hire and verify certification status, please visit the Find a Certified Professional page.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, all flagger cards shall include a serial number. Cards issued without a serial number will not be accepted.

*National flagger certification cards shown below. Utah cards have a slightly different appearance. All serial numbers are exactly 11 characters (1 letter + 10 numbers).


Student information not found after entering a serial number? ATSSA may not have received the student’s information from the instructor. If it has been more than two weeks since the student received training, the student should contact the instructor and encourage them to submit the necessary information. The student should also reach out to ATSSA with the instructor’s name for additional support.

Serial number not matching the number on the student’s card? Contact ATSSA at customerservice@atssa.com or 540-368-1701.

To report a possible fraudulent card, please contact ATSSA immediately.