ATSSA Committees, Councils & Task Forces

The Association carries out its work through a complex structure of committees and subcommittees, councils and task forces. Each group has a specific purpose, defined at the time it is established.

ATSSA Board of Directors and Operating Committee

Show your commitment to the ATSSA and help shape the future of roadway safety! Nominating candidates for leadership roles is a valuable service to the association and your thoughtful participation in this process is greatly appreciated. You may nominate yourself or a committed ATSSA colleague.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determine policy and is responsible for the supervision, control of activities, property and direction of the affairs of ATSSA, including the strategic direction of the Association, the annual budget and the scope of responsibilities of the Board Committees.

  • Any Full, Associate or International member is eligible to serve as an At-Large Director. Any representative member of a full member company is eligible to serve on the ATSSA Board as a divisional director.
  • Elected Board members will serve two-year terms, beginning in February, and attend three in-person Board meetings a year.
  • Each Board member regularly participates in the work of the Board through attendance at Board meetings, active participation in the work of the board, ongoing email communications, liaising with Board committees and technical committees, and other Board-focused volunteer groups as assigned.
  • Board members are not compensated for their service as board members nor reimbursed for travel expenses.

Board of Directors Responsibilities
Board Policy Manual - Amended July 2022 

Operating Committee

The Operating Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving the activities of all standing committees, councils, subcommittees, task forces, temporary committees, independent task forces, including the Chapter Presidents’ Council, with the approval of the Board. Any member who is serving or has served within the last two years as a member of a relevant ATSSA standing committee is eligible to serve on the Operating Committee. Members serve two-year terms.

Operating Committee Responsibilities

Understanding the Nomination and Election Process

The Association is only as strong as its leadership; therefore, we have established a vetting process in developing our future leadership.

  1. An annual call for nominations is made.
  2. Members wishing to serve on the ATSSA Board of Directors or Operating Committee can submit a Volunteer Leadership Application online. Members may also use this form to apply for a chair, vice chair or secretary position on a committee or council.
  3. ATSSA and the Leadership Committee are committed to nourishing and broadening diversity in the governance of the Association, ensuring greater diversity in business, gender, experience and ethnicity of nominees.
  4. The Leadership Committee, responsible for directing the development of the leadership of the Association and to serve as the Nominating Committee for the Association, will review the current composition of the Board and Operating Committee and set annual priorities for the slate of nominees to ensure the desired balance of competencies and diversity in these groups. Particular attention is paid to adequate representation and balance considering factors such as leadership succession, leadership ability, skill, knowledge and experience of applicants.
  5. In certain cases, a member of the Leadership Committee will contact applicants to collect more information about their strengths and needs.
  6. At least 60 days prior to the annual meeting, a list of official nominations will be sent to all representative members. Nominees other than those selected by the Leadership Committee may be proposed by petition signed by at least 10% of the appropriate member classes of the Association.
  7. At least 40 days prior to the annual meeting, ballots with the “official nominations” will be sent to each representative member and will close 15 days prior to the annual meeting.
  8. At the annual meeting the results of the balloting will be reported. Those elected shall take office immediately at the annual meeting

Any level of commitment is important to the ongoing success of our organization and we welcome members to apply.

To apply for a position on the Board of Directors or Operating Committee, or a leadership position on a committee or council, complete the Volunteer Leadership Application.

To refer someone for a leadership position, complete the Volunteer Leader Referral Form.

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