Impacting the lives of road safety workers

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) takes an active role in monitoring, improving and advancing safety for work zone workers. As a trusted partner, the FHWA has awarded ATSSA multi-year grants in 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2016 to provide roadway safety training nationwide for workers and others who make their livelihood on America's roadways. Since 2006, approximately 80,000 workers have been trained in a variety of ATSSA roadway safety training courses at an extremely low cost and have also been given access to a wide range of invaluable and informative products at no cost. The benefits of Work Zone Safety Grant training include:

  • 11 Work Zone Safety Grant training courses are offered only to public agencies at request for $0 - view these courses here
  • Coming Soon - High quality Work Zone Safety Grant training offers the TCT, TCS and FIT courses at no charge to public agencies, and low-cost for private firms
    • Public agencies - $0
    • Private firms - $25
  • Employers are compliant with state or federal mandates and their employees are up-to-date on standards
  • Confidence knowing employees have been trained to set up work zones correctly
  • Free technical guidelines allow workers to be equipped with accurate and current information which can be applied on the spot

As a result of the Grant, ATSSA has developed training, including videos, podcasts, and publications to help inform workers about safety procedures and improve worker knowledge in order to avoid injury during their daily employment activities.

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  • FHWA Grant Sponsored Courses - Through the Grant, ATSSA offers a number of Work Zone Safety training courses to state and local governments, transportation agencies, public agencies and other groups at no or low cost.
    Click here for Course Descriptions and Registration
  • Training Modules - Work Zone Safety Training Modules are interactive presentations that provide workers with information about safety standards, traffic control devices, safety apparel, pedestrian safety, and more.
    Click here to choose a Training Module
  • Guidance Documents - Guidelines and other documents about work zone safety for roadway workers, including but not limited to: pocket guides, informational brochures, and booklets.
    Click here to download Guidance Documents
  • Podcasts - Easy-listening audio files about work zone data collection, speed enforcement in work zones, safety considerations and operations, temporary work zone requirements, and more.
    Click here to listen to Podcasts
  • Work Zone Safety App - ATSSA’s Work Zone Safety App is available for download on iOS and Android platforms. This FREE app can help you determine device requirements, incorporate local standards, apply best practices for lane closures, and set up temporary traffic control areas.
    Click here to download the Work Zone Safety App



Learn about this diverse and educational work zone safety program. View the videos below that explain the Grant Overview, Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3 of the Grant.


Work Zone Safety Grant Overview

This FHWA Grant allows ATSSA to develop and deliver work zone safety worker training and make existing guidelines easier for practitioners to understand and use in the workplace.

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Area 1: Work Zone Safety Worker Training Overview

Area 1 of the Grant covers roadway work zone training.

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Area 2: Work Zone Safety Guidelines Development Overview

Area 2 of the Grant developed roadway work zone safety guidelines.

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Area 3: Work Zone Safety Worker Training Overview

Area 3 of the Grant was created to provide work zone safety guidelines training.

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For more information about Grant training, please call 800-272-8772 or email

FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant #DTFH61-16-RA-00018



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