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Robotic pavement marking system earns Innovation Award

at ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo

Three products earn honorable mentions from transportation panel

SAN DIEGO (Feb. 6, 2024) – Electra, an operator-driven, truck-mounted mobile robotic pavement marking system, received the Innovation Award at ATSSA’s 54th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo today with three other new products designed to improve roadway safety recognized for honorable mention.

Electra is produced by RoadPrintz Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio. Its precise geo-location capabilities allow users to quickly find and mark centerline pavement positions and record exact locations of existing markings. Electra accurately and precisely marks standard intersections, turn pockets, crosswalks, stop bars, arrows, bike markings and markings for preferential lanes such as “Bus Only.”

Electra, the robotic pavement marking system presented by RoadPrintz Inc. of Cleveland, earned this year’s Innovation Award at ATSSA’s 54th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo.

Today’s Innovation Award winner was chosen from among 18 entered in ATSSA’s 2024 New Products Rollout (NPRO). The products were presented by companies from the U.S. and Canada and were evaluated by a panel made up of department of transportation personnel from across the country.

Products considered for the Innovation Award were judged on the criteria of lifesaving qualities, degree of need, innovation, design and eligibility under the Highway Safety Improvement Program. All of the products were also evaluated on their contribution to the industry’s mission of advancing roadway safety and working Toward Zero Deaths.

The following products were chosen for honorable mention and given equal honor:

  • LifeMark 300 by LimnTech Scientific of Souderton, Pa. Lifemark automated re-striping systems are designed to control the re-striping of pavement markings without a rear operator. The LM 300 efficiently, accurately and securely re-stripes road markings requiring maintenance. As the striping truck travels along the road, the sophisticated artificial intelligence-driven camera and geospatial technology swiftly pinpoint the markings’ location, start and stop points, as well as their colors.
  • SpanPath Modular Elevated Pathway by SpanPath LLC of Tallahassee, Fla., is a modular elevated pathway system that provides a new and innovative solution to improve pedestrian safety, accessibility and mobility. The SpanPath system can be used to avoid pedestrian detours while helping promote compliance with accessibility guidelines such as Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG). The SpanPath system may be placed over an existing pathway between construction or maintenance activities to ensure the pathway remains accessible and in service.
  • Rover – for RAPTOR Temporary Portable Rumble Strips (TPRS) Handling Machine by PSS Innovations of Cleveland, Ohio, is designed specifically for the transport of the RAPTOR RoadQuake Handling Machine and mounts to the back of the operating vehicle rather than the front. With RAPTOR Rover, more work vehicles are now compatible for automated TPRS use, protecting the crew and making its work more efficient. With a weight-distribution hitch, it can be pulled by a vehicle as small as a ½-ton pickup.

The Innovation Award winner was honored during ATSSA’s Circle of Innovation where a video of the product was shown, and a company representative explained its benefits for the roadway safety infrastructure industry.

ATSSA Director of Innovation & Technical Services Eric Perry also introduced representatives for the three products receiving honorable mention.

ATSSA’s Innovation Awards are given each year as part of the Association’s Annual Convention & Traffic Expo. This year’s event ran from Feb. 2 through today at the San Diego Convention Center.

“The New Products Rollout is held annually to give the industry an opportunity to present the latest innovative ideas for roadway safety,” Perry said. “From these items, judges recognize the ones with the greatest potential to save lives on the nation’s roadways. It’s always encouraging to see the ideas members of the industry have developed to introduce to the marketplace.”

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Photo caption: Electra, the robotic pavement marking system presented by RoadPrintz Inc. of Cleveland, earned this year’s Innovation Award at ATSSA’s 54th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo.


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