Avoiding workplace injuries isn’t just good for your team, it’s good for the bottom line. But how do you get everyone—at every level—enthused and attentive to the task?

Join ATSSA’s free webinar on “Creating a Safety Culture” on Sept. 13 to gain insights for implementing a culture shift. Speaker Alex Kelly, CEO of SALT and Company, will discuss how to blend industry best practices and behavioral psychology to support behavior change. Prior to starting SALT, Kelly directed Canada’s first Vision Zero Advocate Institute, which is dedicated to supporting municipalities and businesses in the adoption of evidence-based road safety programming.

Registration is now open for this safety culture strategy session.

This is the fourth of five Worker Safety Webinars hosted by ATSSA’s Training Department and the Roadway Worker Protection Council, both of which prioritize worker safety.

The final webinar will be held Dec. 6. Recordings of all webinars are available for viewing.

Road Safety 101 Nov. 9, 2021 – This webinar provided an overview of current safety trends, technology and innovations changing the road safety world. Participants heard what is happening in the larger transportation industry ex. autonomous vehicles, Vision Zero programming, micromobility to inform scope and identify partnership opportunities. Watch the recording.

Effective Incident Response March 2, 2022 – This webinar provided proactive ways to prepare for incident response, integrating critical safety planning into operations for effective and efficient management in stressful situations. The webinar walks through what to do, but also addresses how and why to do it effectively. Watch the recording and download the PowerPoint slides and Effective Incident Response checklist.

Safety Supports June 7, 2022 – While no one wants to plan for a safety incident, it can and will happen. Learn how to support your team effectively and move through the process with grace and tact. Watch the recording.

Coming Dec. 6, 2022 – Sharing Safety: Marketing and Partnerships to Create Safer Streets. Participants will learn how to tell compelling stories about the work they are doing and leverage partnerships to increase awareness of roadway workers and projects. Registration link to come.

The Roadway Worker Protection Council evolved from a Roadway Worker Protection Summit held at ATSSA’s 2021 Convention & Traffic Expo. The Council’s first formal meeting was held during this year’s Convention & Traffic Expo in February.

Register now for the free Sept. 13 webinar. All webinars start at 2 p.m. ET and run for one hour.

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August 29, 2022

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