FREDERICKSBURG, Va. Sept. 27, 2023 – The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) today unveiled a modernized logo that emphasizes the Association’s focus on advancing roadway safety.

The bolder colors and focus on navy provide the perfect complement for the orange traffic cone set within the initial A in ATSSA. Insertion of this simple, well-known image conveys an instant connection to work zones and roadway safety infrastructure.

“This logo makes a clear statement about who we are and our core purpose of advancing roadway safety,” said ATSSA President & CEO Stacy Tetschner. “It also instantly identifies us with work zones and the roadway workers who risk their lives every day to deliver safe passageways for each of us as we drive countless miles throughout the year.”

The new logo retains the phrase that declares the bedrock truth that “Safer Roads Save Lives.” ATSSA added that message to the logo it unveiled 25 years ago, which featured a curving roadway and the color teal.

The new four-color logo maintains continuity by employing teal for that fundamental message.

This is the third logo for ATSSA, which was established in 1969. The original logo was black and white and incorporated a roadway sign, a striped street and a work zone barrier.

ATSSA is an international trade association with a member partnership of approximately 1,500 member companies that represent 11,000 industry professionals. Members are engaged in sign manufacturing, pavement marking, guardrail and barrier, traffic signals and technical innovation fields.

The Association and its members work “Toward Zero Deaths” on the nation’s roadways.  Members pursue that goal through the design, manufacture and installation of road safety and traffic control devices.

They also convene to collaborate throughout the year at chapter meetings, ATSSA’s annual Midyear Meeting and through the Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, which is the largest gathering of this industry in North America. There, members explore the latest tools and technology for roadway safety and learn from industry experts, including leaders in transportation departments across the country.

ATSSA is also known industrywide as a leader in roadway worker training and is active in legislative advocacy, holding events with member participation in state capitals across the country as well as the annual Legislative Briefing & Fly-In in which members meet on Capitol Hill with legislators from their states and districts.

Today, ATSSA also unveils a new logo for the American Traffic Safety Services Foundation, the charitable arm of the association.

Bringing the ATSS Foundation image into alignment with the ATSSA logo provides a visual connection between the two while maintaining a separation through the Foundation’s unique color scheme, which is built around burgundy.

The Foundation exists to promote roadway safety through charitable giving and public awareness efforts such as the National Work Zone Memorial and the Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship Program, which awards academic scholarships to the loved ones of roadway workers killed or permanently disabled in work zones.

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September 27, 2023

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