FREDERICKSBURG, Va. Feb. 9, 2023 – The American Traffic Safety Services Association  announces the lineup for its 2023 New Products Rollout NPRO, which will include 18 products and be held at its 53rd Annual Convention & Traffic Expo taking place Feb. 17-21 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Traditionally, more than 3,500 people attend the Convention—the largest roadway safety tradeshow in North America—to see some of the latest innovations in the roadway safety infrastructure industry. The products submitted as part of the NPRO are comprised of a wide range of devices designed to save lives on our nation’s roadways.

“The products for this year’s New Products Rollout address a variety of issues related to safety on the roadways and reflect the diverse issues within this industry,” said ATSSA Manager of Innovation & Technical Services Nagham “Melodie” Matout. “It’s always fascinating to see the products on view for the NPRO and the ways they can help advance roadway safety.”

The New Products Rollout presentations take place Feb. 19 on the exhibit floor of the Traffic Expo. NPRO participants, which represent companies from the U.S., Canada and Australia, will discuss their products live, with some showing videos of their products. NPRO participants will be available to answer questions from Convention attendees and from the department of transportation personnel serving as judges.

The top product will be selected for the Innovation Award with as many as three others chosen for honorable mention. Products selected for recognition will be announced Feb. 21 during ATSSA’s Circle of Innovation, which is attended by transportation agency officials and industry decision makers.

The participants and products for the 2023 New Products Rollout are:

Company: Alloc8 Software, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia Product: Alloc8 – Alloc8 is an intelligent workforce software that helps customers efficiently manage their jobs, workers and assets by providing real-time data to enhance the decision-making process—cutting administrative time, reducing unnecessary costs and accurately keeping workers safe and paid.

Company: Blue Vigil, Sterling, Va. Product: Blue Vigil ALED Portable Light – The Blue Vigil ALED Portable Light is a person-portable area lighting system that mounts a high-intensity LED array on a tethered unmanned aerial vehicle UAV, which can be positioned up to 100 feet above a job site. The ALED puts over 8,000 square feet of light on the ground, providing nearly twice as much coverage as the towed light towers commonly used today. With the higher light positioning, the ALED eliminates dangerous glare and shadows. The ALED can remain airborne for as long as needed and designed to withstand the rigors of use in the field and on construction sites.

Company: Crashworthy Traffic Control, Arcadia, Calif. Product: Crashworthy Type I/2 Barricade and Sign Support System – Crashworthy Traffic Control patented design modifies the horizontal rails of type 1, 2 and 3 barricades and is a game changer and potential lifesaver. During a collision incident, the redesigned horizontal rails absorb and dissipate the energy of the crash, preventing the barricade from becoming a potentially lethal missile. When the barricade is struck, it collapses upon itself, remaining close to the offending vehicle, thus preventing it from entering the work zone, pedestrian area or oncoming traffic. Should the barricade disintegrate, the smaller pieces are less dangerous.

Company: H.B. Fuller, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Product: Fast2K Deck Post Anchor – Fast 2K Deck Post Anchor is a patented structural foam for setting signs, fences and more. It is based on the technology applied by H.B. Fuller to set utility poles for over 20 years. This concrete alternative backfill solution is designed and tested to overcome common challenges of cement. The product has been evaluated by AASHTO’s NTPEP and DOT approval is available in some states. The product can be used year-round and is lightweight and compact, fast curing, versatile and needs no additives.

Company: HIL-Tech Ltd., Oakville, Ontario, Canada Product: LEDline® – Flush-mounted in-pavement LEDline® is submersible to great depths, snow-ploughable melts snow, solid, tough and weather/chemical resistant. As a linear safety directional guidance system, it is used on roads where key pavement or barrier markings must be seen in any weather. LEDline® self-cleans and is excellent for highlighting markings at high-collision areas; at potential wrong-way entrances for freeways, for roundabouts and railroad crossings; for highlighting crosswalks and lighting people on crosswalks; highlighting the way at complicated single-point urban interchanges SPUIs or left turns; for marking rush-hour crossover lanes for bridges or tunnels; and for marking critical no-passing areas where repeat accidents occur.

Company: Hill and Smith Inc., Columbus, Ohio Product: SensorZone Proximity Warning System – The SensorZone is a robust proximity warning system with a proven track record for improving safety in the workplace. This modular, easy fit system creates an exclusion zone around machinery and equipment and in the event of a person entering this zone a triple alert is activated, providing workers on the site with situational awareness and alerting them of hazards.

Company: Hill and Smith Inc., Columbus, Ohio Product: Zonebloc & Zonebloc + – ZoneBloc® is a temporary concrete barrier system designed to minimize impact to the traveling public while offering a supreme level of protection in freestanding applications. Its 40-foot standard unit accelerates the installation process. The narrow footprint results in a lightweight configuration, which allows 280 feet to be hauled on one flatbed truck.

Company: Horizon Signal Technologies, Reading, Pa. Product: Portable HAWK System – The Portable HAWK System is a pedestrian hybrid beacon used to warn and control traffic at un-signalized locations to help pedestrians cross a street or highway at a marked crosswalk. The HAWK crosswalk is a unique design that has proven to be safer and more effective than conventional crosswalk designs. HAWK stands for High intensity Activated cross WalK. Although the HAWK System is in use throughout the United States for permanent applications, a system had not been developed for temporary applications. Horizon Signal’s Portable HAWK system modifies this proven technology to allow for fast deployment, portability and ease of use.

Company: PSS, Cleveland, Ohio Product: FirstGard – FirstGard is a foldable traffic cone that can be deployed nearly instantly. Lightweight but heavy enough to remain stable, FirstGard is designed to be transport-friendly, folding to just 1 1/2” in height, enabling the storage of multiple units while requiring minimal storage space. This innovation in channelizing devices will provide law enforcement, fire services and emergency management teams with increased conspicuity and visibility while in conformity to the MUTCD.

Company: PSS, Cleveland, Ohio Product: RapidRamp – RapidRamp is a portable temporary ramp that makes installation quick and easy. RapidRamp’s lightweight sections allow for convenient transport to the job site and can be assembled in minutes by one person. The ramp’s straightforward assembly makes it easy to create accessible job sites for short-duration projects. The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Public Rights-of Way Accessibility Guidelines PROWAG state that when a pedestrian circulation path is temporarily closed, an alternate pedestrian access route complying with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices MUTCD shall be provided.

Company: RoadVista, San Diego, Calif. Product: StripeMaster 3 – The StripeMaster 3 is the latest generation retroreflectometer for quantification of roadway and airfield striping characteristics including retroreflectivity, daytime visibility and nighttime retroreflected color, providing safety for drivers, airplanes and autonomous vehicles, and to help agencies comply with the new MUTCD minimum retroreflectivity requirements for pavement markings. The StripeMaster 3 enables agencies and contractors with an all-in-one comprehensive solution for ensuring the safety of roads, highways and air strips with retroreflectivity, and nighttime color, measurements, data collection and analysis.

Company: Safe Barriers, Dover, Del. Product: RoadLoc – RoadLoc is a removable and reusable epoxy anchor for use in asphalt and concrete surfaces. It does not require pre-coating to be removed from epoxy and can be used with any epoxy. It is self-cleaning upon removal from epoxy.

Company: Skip-Line, Adams Center, N.Y. Product: Long Line Automated Material Application LLAMA – Long-Line Automated Material Application is an easy-to-use HDVO/DL-18 add-on that enables the driver/operator to maintain a consistent mil thickness while painting.

Company: Spec-Rite, Adams Center, N.Y. Product: Spec-Rite Online – Spec-Rite Online enables contractors around the world to manage their operations in the most demanding markets. The web application and new SRO mobile app seamlessly aggregate data from a variety of smart equipment, empowering users to make quick decisions with real-time fleet visibility. Spec-Rite Online provides contractors and departments of transportation DOTs with a trusted source of truth through visual mapping and detailed custom reporting, enabling contractors and DOTs to verify completed work.

Company: Valtir, Addison, Texas Product: MATT – The Median Attenuating TREND® Terminal MATT is a tangent, double-sided, re-directive/gating and energy-absorbing attenuator/end terminal, for use with various longitudinal highway barriers in either unidirectional or bidirectional traffic applications – to include roadside, shoulder, median and gore installations. MATT is tested to MASH-2nd Edition with 2020 Errata Test Level 3 criteria and may be used in Test Level 1, Test Level 2 and Test Level 3 applications – when installed at the full Test Level 3 system length of 34′ 4 1/2″ [10.48 m].

Company:  Valtir, Addison, Texas   Product: SiteGuide – The SiteGuide™ is an Americans with Disabilities Act ADA compliant MASH-16 longitudinal channelizing device LCD and water-filled plastic barricade used for traffic and pedestrian channelization, road and street closures, and perimeter security for vertical construction.

Company: Valtir, Addison, Texas Product: VORTEQ® M – The VORTEQ® M is a trailer-mounted attenuator for use on stationary or moving shadow support vehicles with a minimum weight of 12,153 pounds and an unlimited maximum weight Infinite Weight. It is tested to MASH 2016 Test Level 3. The unit is comprised of a lightweight tube frame rail and a wheel/axle assembly. The VORTEQ® M is designed to help absorb rear-end impacts at speeds up to 62 mph when impacted within MASH 2016 crash test standards.

Company: Ver-Mac Inc., Quebec, Canada Product: Flagger-Mac Lite – Flagger-Mac Lite is a new MUTCD-compliant Automated Flagger Assistant Device AFAD for the U.S. market. It uses the same technology as Ver-Mac’s regular AFAD trailer, but in a more compact version. This hitch-mounted AFAD is easy to transport and quick to deploy, making it well-suited for jobs with frequent location changes. More than 300 units are already in use in Canada.

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