FREDERICKSBURG, Va. Jan. 25, 2022 – The American Traffic Safety Services Association  selected 14 companies to participate in its 2022 New Products Rollout NPRO, held in conjunction with the 52nd Annual Convention & Traffic Expo taking place Feb. 11-15 at the Tampa Florida Convention Center.

Traditionally, more than 3,500 people attend the largest roadway safety tradeshow in North America to see some of the latest innovations in the roadway safety infrastructure industry. The products submitted as part of NPRO are comprised of a wide range of devices designed to save lives on our nation’s roadways.

“The 2022 lineup for ATSSA’s New Products Rollout features products that provide a snapshot of some of the latest advancements made in the past year,” said ATSSA Director of Innovation & Technical Services Eric Perry. “I love this event because it provides a great opportunity to hear firsthand from our members about the latest and greatest products coming to the marketplace as well as the benefits of using them.”

The New Products Rollout event takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Feb. 14 on the Traffic Expo floor. NPRO participants will provide videos of their products and be available to answer questions from attendees and from the department of transportation personnel serving as judges. The top three products will be announced as winners of the ATSSA Innovation Awards on Feb. 15.

The participants and products for the 2022 New Products Rollout are:

Company: Airstar America Inc., Orlando, Fla.,

Product: Sirocco Redtech Range is safety lighting that comes in four models and delivers high output, glare-free light with reduced power and increased efficiency with Bluetooth connectivity.

Company: ALPHA SafeNet, Chattanooga, Tenn.,

Product: ALPHA Overwatch Highway Safety System establishes an electronic border that, when crossed, alerts roadway workers, first responders and drivers of pending danger from oncoming traffic.

Company: Atkore Inc. of Harvey, Ill.,

Product: SignData is a platform that connects physical traffic sign infrastructure to the cloud using RFID technology, allowing the sign owner to view the sign and assess the need for replacement or maintenance as well as track it in inventory

Company: Butterfly Junction Technologies, West Chester, Ohio,

Product: BumbleDrive is a modern, scalable Traffic Management System that can be run anywhere and allows traffic operators to retrieve data for real-time decision-making.

Company: ConeIQ, Sterling, Va.,

Product: TCP Xpress is a web-based platform that enables production of Traffic Control Plans TCPs with detailed road features within minutes.

Company: Dow Inc., Collegeville, Penn.,

Product: DURATRACK Green Bike Lane System is a two-component waterborne paint that provides durable, affordable bike lanes or other wide area markings with a coating that is fast drying, anti-slip and long-lasting.

Company: J-Tech, Chester Springs, Penn.,

Product: LaneBlade is a device that attaches to safety patrol vehicles to push debris off the highway without requiring workers to step on active traffic lanes.

Company: Nite Beam Products, Kalamazoo, Mich.,

Product: Cone Commander is a device placed on top of a traffic cone that has LED lights and can be seen for up to one mile in any direction.

Company: Site 20/20, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,

Product: Guardian Cone is a device to be placed on both sides of a work zone site that is used during setup that alerts workers if a car enters the site.

Company: 3M, St. Paul, Minn.,

Product: The Impact Detection System detects impacts to roadside safety assets such as attenuators and guardrails and sends an alert to agencies to help them quickly return them to safe working condition.

Company: TAPCO Traffic and Parking Control Co. Inc., Milwaukee, Wisc.,

Product: LegendViz Traffic Sign technology features LED-illuminated sign legends to improve nighttime visibility and legibility.

Company: TrafficCalm Systems LLC, Post Falls, Idaho,

Product: Sign Post Flasher is a device that helps prevent crashes by enhancing the ability of drivers to see traffic signs and their posts.

Company: Ver-Mac, Houston, Texas,

Product: Speed wizard is a combination work zone digital speed limit and full matrix speed awareness product that provides real-time WAZE integration to inform drivers of reduced speed limits.

Company: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute VTTI, Blacksburg, Va.,

Product: VTTI Dynamic, Real-Time Smart Work Zone is a virtual work zone to warn workers of danger using a cellular vehicle-to-everything C-V2X base station, Smart Cones and Smart Vest devices.

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January 25, 2022

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