Guidance Documents

work zone with barrels

The FHWA has awarded ATSSA multi-year grants in 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2016 to provide roadway safety training nationwide for workers and others who make their livelihood on America's roadways. The training modules below were developed under Grants awarded prior to 2016.

Work Zone Safety Guidance Documents through the FHWA Grant are guidelines and other documents about work zone safety for roadway workers, including but not limited to: pocket guides, informational brochures, and booklets.

*NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: At times, it will be necessary for workers to cross live lanes of traffic. In these instances, industry professionals are encouraged to deploy appropriate practices that ensure worker safety, taking into consideration the roadway geometry, traffic volume, and other appropriate factors.


For more information about training or to request hardcopies of these Guidance Documents, please call 800-272-8772 or email

FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant #DTFH61-16-RA-00018