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The FHWA has awarded ATSSA multi-year grants in 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2016 to provide roadway safety training nationwide for workers and others who make their livelihood on America's roadways. The training modules below were developed under Grants awarded prior to 2016.

Work Zone Safety Guidance Documents through the FHWA Grant are guidelines and other documents about work zone safety for roadway workers, including but not limited to: pocket guides, informational brochures and booklets.


The Guidance Documents below are organized by the following categories: maintenance, miscellaneous, pedestrian, positive protection and worker safety, then by date from newest to oldest within those categories.

Field Guide on Installation and Removal of Temporary Traffic Control for Safe Maintenance and Work Zone Operations

Guidance description: This field guide provides field personnel with introductory guidance on installation and removal methods for work zones.

Date published: August 2008


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Guidance for the Use of Temporary Pavement Markings in Work Zones

Guidance description: Outlines how to implement temporary markings for work zone applications along with guidance on when to use.

Date published: January 2014


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Everyone is a Pedestrian: For a Safe Path Through Work Zones - "Don't Miss Your Cues"

Guidance description: This brochure provides safety tips and cues for pedestrians to follow while walking through work zones.

Date published: 2020


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Guidelines on the Use of Low-Profile Portable Concrete Barrier in Low to Moderate Speed Work Zones

Guidance description: Provides detail on the University of Florida design for LPCB.

Date published: September 2015


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Guidance on the Use of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Guidance description: Provides a description of the AFAD along with guidance on how to apply and benefits associated with use on two-lane roads.

Date published: July 2012


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FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant #DTFH61-16-RA-00018