Innovation in the Roadway Safety Industry

Outsiders of the transportation infrastructure industry may look to autonomous vehicles as an icon of innovation on the roadways, but for state Department of Transportation (DOT) officials, manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors in the roadway safety and infrastructure industry, innovation is not a stationary achievement. It is much more than a mile marker and not as easily defined.

With different perspectives and priorities, industry stakeholders are finding that in addition to new technologies, innovation is heavily reliant on communication between entities. Industry leaders are working together to move forward and ATSSA is no different. The association works year-round to progress and develop creative solutions for all of its initiatives including highlighting innovative products and technologies, training, and ATSSA membership.

One innovative effort ATSSA is involved in is a joint initiative with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Standing Committee on Traffic Control Devices (AHB50). Both ATSSA and TRB sponsor and conduct an exciting design competition, the Traffic Control Device (TCD) Student Challenge, to promote innovation and stimulate ideas in the traffic control devices area with a goal to improve operations and safety.

Find recent updates on the latest innovations in the resource list below and be sure to check back for updates. 


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ATSSA 2018 Go Orange Day promotes work zone safety

ATSSA, along with several agencies and partner organizations, will celebrate Go Orange Day on April 11.

Go Orange Day takes place on the Wednesday during National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW). NWZAW is a week each year where individuals, agencies, and organizations focus on the importance of safe driving and interacting in work zones.

According to the 2015 Fatality Analysis Report System (FARS) report – the last year work zone information was made available – 700 work zone fatalities were reported, 130 of which were worker fatalities. Additionally, 35,526 work zone injuries were reported.

Go Orange Day is a day where NWZAW partners and supporters help raise work zone safety awareness by wearing orange, hosting themed events, and posting on social media using the hashtags #Orange4Safety and #NWZAW. It is also a way to express their concerns about work zone safety and how being aware in work zones saves lives.

One great example is the Alabama Department of Transportation, which lit up several skyscrapers with orange spotlights to further work zone safety awareness during last year’s NWZAW. 

For Go Orange Day 2018, ATSSA staff will be participating in a Facebook Live session at 12:30 p.m., sharing why work zone safety is important. View ATSSA’s Go Orange Day video from last year.

In addition to hosting Go Orange Day events, other ways to spread the word about saving lives through work zone safety include:

Set a good example. When you’re driving or interacting in work zones, pay attention and minimize distractions. Follow all signage and instructions given. Be patient and look out for any other drivers or workers in the roadway.

Spread the word online. As you’re getting involved in NWZAW and Go Orange Day events, use your online social network to share ATSSA infographics, blog posts, images, statistics, and your stories related to work zone safety on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – whichever platforms you choose. Be sure to share posts regularly to make sure you’re engaging your circle about the meaning and importance of NWZAW.

Tell your friends and family. Commit to telling at least three people about NWZAW and Go Orange Day, including statistics and information about work zone safety. By spreading the word in your circle, you will have a ripple effect that will make your community more aware while in work zones.

Thank a roadway worker. While it’s not appropriate to pull over in a work zone to share your thanks, if you see a roadway worker out in the community, or know one that lives in your community, be sure to thank them for the work they do each day to maintain our roadways.

All are encouraged to tune in and participate in Go Orange Day activities.

Learn more about the history and mission of NWZAW by clicking here.

Use #orange4safety and #NWZAW in social media posts and don't forget to tag us: @ATSSAHQ on Twitter and @ATSSATraffic on Facebook. For more details about NWZAW, visit

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