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Mar 7, 2019 Continental breakfast NOW AVAILABLE after 8:00 a.m.
Chapter meeting is 9:30 a.m. - Noon! Room 214C Stewart Center
IN-ATSSA Chapter Meeting AGENDA
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 Dec 2017

Moving Soil? FOLLOW INDIANA'S DIG LAW/ contact someone ASAP:

Indiana 811: 877-230-0495
Vectren: 800-227-1376
Citizens Energy Group: 317-927-6006  

Chapter Archives
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Sep 14, 2018 IN-ATSSA Meeting Agenda
IN-ATSSA Meeting Summary
Jun 7, 2018 IN-ATSSA Meeting Agenda
IN-ATSSA Meeting Summary
Mar 8, 2018 IN-ATSSA Meeting Agenda
IN-ATSSA Meeting Summary
Dec 6, 2017 IN-ATSSA Meeting Agenda
IN-ATSSA Meeting Summary
Sep 6, 2017 IN-ATSSA Meeting Summary
IN-ATSSA Meeting Agenda
IN-ATSSA Financial Report
Presentation 1   Presentation 2   INDOT Presentation

Jun 14, 2017

IN-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
IN-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
IN-ATSSA Chapter Presentations:
Chart  INDOT Report

Mar 9, 2017 IN-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
ICI Legislative Update from Purdue Road School Meeting
INDOT Crash Stats
ICI-ACEC-INDOT WZ Task Force Initiatives
Indiana Road Funding Legislative Update Presentation


Chapter Resources
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Mar 2017 ATSSA Vendor Participation Policy
Nov 2015 INDOT MRU presentation to ATSSA'S New England Chapter

 IN-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws **NEW**

Legislation H.R. 3355 will work to reduce roadway deaths involving older Americans.
The bill authorizes $500 million annually, and those funds can be used to make improvements such as signs with clear view fonts and retroreflective sheeting, retroreflective pavement markings, and left turn lanes, among others...Learn more
Links Indiana DOT
Indiana DOT Personnel Changes
Indiana DOT Interstate Lane Closure Policy



Chapter Activity Report
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Dec 6, 2017  Financial Summary


Abbr: IN

State Flagging Requirements:
- Certification not required as of September 1996.
- Hardhat only required when overhead hazard present.
- Flags used for emergencies only. Paddles required for all Federal-aid projects.