House resolution honors ATSSA’s 50th anniversary
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House resolution honors ATSSA’s 50th anniversary

Three members of the House of Representatives introduced a resolution this week recognizing the 50th anniversary of the American Traffic Safety Services Association.

The bi-partisan resolution was initiated by Rep. Rob Wittman, a Republican representing Virginia’s 1st District, and Road Safety Caucus Chairs Bruce Westerman, a Republican representing Arkansas’ 4th District, and Chris Pappas, a Democrat representing New Hampshire’s 1st District.

The resolution celebrates ATSSA’s “milestones and achievements, and its efforts on saving lives and reducing injuries on United States roadways.”

The resolution:

(1) commemorates the American Traffic Safety Services Association’s 50th anniversary;

(2) recognizes the American Traffic Safety Services Association for its work and dedication to advancing roadway safety in the United States;

(3) recognizes the American Traffic Safety Services Association for its 50 years of strong initiatives to reduce fatalities and injuries on United States roadways; and

(4) recognizes the members of the American Traffic Safety Services Association and all manufacturers, installers, and distributors on its semi­cen­ten­ni­al celebration.

The Congressmen each issued a statement in explaining their support for recognizing the Association’s golden anniversary milestone.

“Back when I was the Mayor of Montross, our town needed help with roadwork, so I got certified as a roadside flagger through the ATSSA. Now, I have the privilege of having the ATSSA Headquarters in my district,” Wittman said. “I have seen their amazing work firsthand and I am proud to join with my colleagues to honor an organization and its members who have helped ensure the safety of drivers and passengers across our nation.”

“Getting behind the wheel of a car is so commonplace that most of us don’t give it a second thought,” Westerman said. “But what we don’t see are the men and women working behind the scenes to make roads as safe as possible. ATSSA has been a leader in teaching motorists awareness, and I’m pleased to introduce this resolution recognizing their achievements over the past 50 years. Here’s to the next 50 years of innovation and development to make roadways even safer.”

“As we work to re-build our nation’s infrastructure, it is critical we also advance common sense policies that promote the safety of people on our roadways, and I am grateful ATSSA’s work over the last 50 years in doing just that,” Pappas said. “I applaud ATSSA’s efforts to remain steadfast in its mission, and I look forward to continuing to work with them and my colleagues to make our nation’s infrastructure safer and stronger than ever.”

Nathan Smith, ATSSA’s vice president of Government Relations, thanked the congressmen for their recognition of the Association’s work.

“For fifty years, ATSSA has been focused on advancing roadway safety and reducing fatalities and serious injuries on U.S. roadways,” he said. “As an industry and society, we have made great strides in this respect; however, there is much more work to do over the next 50 years. ATSSA members will always be at the forefront in the fight to save lives on American roadways, because we know that safer roads save lives.

“Rep. Wittman, along with Reps. Pappas and Westerman, know that investments in roadway safety infrastructure projects save thousands of lives in their congressional districts and all around the country,” Smith added. “We look forward to continuing to work with these leaders in Congress to ensure that safety continues to be the top priority for infrastructure legislation.”

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