ATSSA monitors state legislation affecting the roadway safety infrastructure industry. The information in this map is updated daily, giving you the latest information available on relative legislative movement in respective states.

Information can be filtered by year, state and/or issue.

To filter by state: Click on a state on the map. Issues addressed in that state will display to the right of the map along with a list of bills that will appear below the map.

To filter by issue: To the right of the map, click an issue area. The map will reset to show only those states that have bills related to your choices. Use the bill list under the map to view detailed summaries written by our policy team.

After filtering the bills, view the bill list under the map and click on the arrow to view
detailed summaries written by ATSSA’s Government Relations team.

*Do not use your browser’s back button to return to the map – use the “Return to Map”
button at the top of the bill page. To reset the map and/or issue area filter, use the “reset” button (|←) at the bottom of the page.

Tips and Tricks

• Hold down the Ctrl button while clicking on states to choose multiple states.
• Hold down the Ctrl button to choose multiple issue areas.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Ashley Wieland at