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Comprehensive Inspection Training CD-ROM
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Short Description: Comprehensive Inspection Training CD-ROM
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Comprehensive Inspection Training
Modular Training Course on CD-ROM
This course is designed to lead the participants from the very basic to the more complex aspects of inspection, documentation, and quality standards. The course consists of 13 MS PowerPoint modules, each on a specific topic, bundled in one CD-ROM course. Each module can be completed in approximately 30-60 minutes.
We recommend that your ATSSA Certified Traffic Control Supervisor present these modules, either as a first time course, or as a refresher series. This course is intended for highway agency inspectors, project engineers, traffic control supervisors, and other responsible for inspection activities.
Pricing: $79.95 - ATSSA Members $99.95 - Non-members
(Price does not include shiping)
All of the following modules are included on one CD-ROM:
Module 1 - Inspection Basics
Module 2 - Nighttime Traffic Control
Module 3 - Flagging Operations
Module 4 - Temporary Traffic Signs and Supports
Module 5 - Portable Changeable Message Signs
Module 6 - Arrow Boards
Module 7 - Channelizing Devices
Module 8 - Temporary Pavement Markings
Module 9 - Raised Pavement Markers
Module 10 - Warning Lights and Floodlights
Module 11 - Crash Cushions
Module 12 - Temporary Concrete Barriers
Module 13 - Truck-Mounted Attenuators