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Temporary Traffic Control for Short Duration Activities
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Temporary Traffic Control for Short Duration Activities
Modular Training Course on CD-ROM
This is a great way to train your public utility workers. This comprehensive module covers all aspects of traffic control applicable to utility companies, including an introduction to utility operations, fundamentals of traffic control, component parts of a temporary traffic control zone, applicable national standards, typical applications common to utility operations, and more. This modular course provides a broad scope of knowledge in the basics of temporary traffic control and presents recommendations on applying simplified control procedures when performing utility and public works operations.
This is a great way to train workers at your convenience! You can even develop toolbox talks using this modular course that covers a variety of subject areas. Users can mix and match these modules to build a customized course. Depending on the number of modules used, a course can be as short as an hour, or provide comprehensive training over 2 to 3 days.
This course consists of 20 MS PowerPoint modules. Each module can be completed in approximately 30-60 minutes.
We recommend that your ATSSA Certified Traffic Control Supervisor or your Safety Officer present these modules to your work crews. Each module includes several questions that can be used to ensure the student's understanding of the concepts covered in each module.
Pricing: $79.95 ATSSA Members $99.95 Non-members
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All of the following modules are included on one CD-ROM:
Module 1 - Introduction to Low-Speed Traffic Control
Module 2 - Parking Lane/Shoulder Work
Module 3 - Traffic Control Devices
Module 4 - Flagging Operations
Module 5 - Unattended Worksites
Module 6 - Street Closures
Module 7 - Pedestrian Consideration
Module 8 - Protection of Surveyors, Locators, and Meter Readers
Module 9 - Traffic Control Procedures in Work Zones
Module 10 - Intersection Work
Module 11 - Low-Speed Lane Closures
Module 12 - High-Speed Lane Closures
Module 13 - Street Maintenance Operations
Module 14 - Moving/Mobile Operations
Module 15 - Basic Worker Safety
Module 16 - Nighttime Operations
Module 17 - Incident Management
Module 18 - Mowing Operations
Module 19 - Work Zone and Tort Liability
Module 20 - Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA) Operations