ATSSA Reviews National Unified Goal
ATSSA is one of 20 national organizations representing the many disciplines that respond to typical traffic incidents as a member of the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition (NTIMC). ATSSA is currently in the process of formally adopting the National Unified Goal - known as the "NUG" - as official policy;The proposed NUG marks the first time such a broad coalition of incident responders have joined together to develop common policies to address common concerns.

NTIMC will achieve the three major obejctives of the National Unified Goal through 18 strategies. Key strategies include recommended practices for multidisciplinary Traffic Incident Management (TIM);operations and communications; multidisciplinary TIM training; goals for performance and progress; promotion of beneficial technologies; and partnerships to promote driver awareness.

NTIMC is seeking formal adoption of the NUG by each participating organization, which will culiminate in public release of the NUG at a press event in late 2007.

Press Release 
Proposed NUG
NUG (detailed) 
National Traffic Incident Management Coalition 
The National Traffic Incident Management Coalition (NTIMC) is a unique forum where national organizations representing major stakeholders involved in traffic incident response work together. Our members represent the Emergency Medical Services, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Safety Communications, Towing and Recovery, and Transportation communities.

The NTIMC is committed to working together to promote, develop and sustain multidisciplinary, multijurisdictional Traffic Incident Management (TIM) programs to achieve enhanced responder safety; safe, quick traffic incident clearance; and more prompt, relaible, interoperable communications.

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