Florida Advanced Refresher Course



Course Length

One day/8 hours

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8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Includes time for lunch)

  1. Review of Component Parts of a TTC Zone
    • Review sources of standards applicable in Florida
    • Review the 4 component parts of a TTC Zone
    • Review arrow panels
    • Review crash-testing requirements
  2. Arrow Panels
    • Types of Arrow Panels
    • Arrow Panels in Florida
    • Modes of Operation
    • Arrow Panel Location
  3. Review Tapers
    • Review the various types of tapers
    • Discuss their lengths and how to compute them
  4. Flagging Operations
    • Discuss qualification of flaggers
    • Discuss flagger training requirements
    • Discuss proper flagging procedures and equipment
    • Provide guidelines to teach flagging
  5. Review of Florida Standards and Specifications
    • Review the specific requirements of the State of Florida
    • Index 600
    • Plans Preparation Manual
    • Point our recent changes


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