Recognized as ATSSA's TCS course by the state of Florida



Course Description

Two Days/20 hours; Classroom Course; Open, Closed or Co-sponsored Option*

ATSSA is an approved provider for the Florida Department of Transportation Advanced Maintenance of Traffic course.

This course is required for personnel with responsibility or authority to decide on the specific Maintenance of Traffic requirements to be implemented. These positions include the following:

  • The engineer responsible for the work zone traffic control plan development, or
  • The work zone traffic control supervisor.

This course is not required for submitting traffic control plans for utility work, unless such persons have to sign and seal the traffic control plans in accordance with the Florida DOT Utility Accommodation Manual.

NOTE: This course is recognized as ATSSA's TCS course even though the state mandates a different course title.

*This course has a closed or co-sponsored option, available for hosting or scheduling by interested organizations and companies. If no training classes are available at this time, contact ATSSA at 800-272-8772 or email customerservice@atssa.com to schedule a training class in your area.


Prerequisites & State-Specific Information

One year (2,000 hours) work zone experience

Completion of this course allows individuals to train flaggers to meet FDOT requirements. Training materials may be ordered through ATSSA. Authorization to train ATSSA-Certified Flaggers nationally requires successful completion of the ATSSA Florida Intermediate training course and ATSSA’s Flagger Instructor Training (FIT).


Registration Information

Intended Audience: required for personnel that work on state roads in the State of Florida with responsibility or authority to decide on the specific maintenance of traffic requirements to be implemented

Class Size: 40 students maximum

CEUs: 1.875 (Approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers)

Registration Fees:

  • $350 ATSSA Members
  • $445 Non-members


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Certification Information

After completing this course, take the next step in your career by adding an ATSSA certification designation.

Florida Advanced Certification Requirements:

  • Pass the Florida Advanced Course with 80% or greater on exam
  • Possess two years (4,000 hours) temporary traffic control experience
  • Complete the Certification Application and pay the Certification Fee
  • Provide two references to verify work experience
  • Be approved by the ATSSA Certification Board

Certification is valid for 4 years. At the end of 4 years, the student must take a recertification exam to be recertified. Learn more about Certification.


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