Course Classifications

ATSSA offers 3 types of course classifications. Choose one that will suit your company or individual needs!

  1. Open
  2. Co-Sponsored
  3. Closed

Open courses are recommended for individuals who are highway safety services industry professionals, temporary traffic control industry professionals, contractors, subcontractors, and public officials.

  • Open courses are available to individuals who meet course eligibility requirements and forward a completed registration form to ATSSA.

Co-sponsored courses are recommended to agencies that elect to contract with ATSSA to assist in promoting and marketing a course.

  • A co-sponsor that is able to provide and secure a facility that meets ATSSA specifications are entitled to receive one complimentary registration to that course.

The course participants, who register for a class with the co-sponsor agency, will be entitled to receive a cost-savings of $25 discount on a one-day course or a $50 cost savings on a two-day course.

Closed courses are recommended for companies who have a large number of employees who require training.

  • Closed courses are available to the employees of a company who has contracted with ATSSA to offer a course.

Companies that contract with ATSSA to present a closed course are responsible for employee attendance and must provide the following:

  1. Facility meeting ATSSA specifications
  2. Course breaks
  3. Attendee Roster one day prior to course

Request additional information about our course classifications, facility specifications, or pricing, by calling our toll free number at (877) 642-4637, and asking to speak with the Marketing Manager.

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