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Dear Friends of The Foundation and any future friends,

We all see the highway fatality statistics, and following a 7 year decline, they rose 5% in 2012, to 36,200 traffic fatalities, which included over 700 work zone deaths that year. The faces of those people who are represented by those numbers could be any of us. Each one of those numbers represents a person who left behind parents, siblings, children, and friends who were devastated by their loss. The tragedy of these lost lives is unspeakable. Those that are lost in work zone accidents touch each of us personally because they were part of our industry and by extension, our lives.

The Foundation’s focus for 2014 and beyond is to align ourselves with ATSSA’s Toward Zero Deaths initiative. How can we do that? Our goals are more than just toward zero deaths. They are Toward Zero Scholarships and Toward Zero Names on the National Work Zone Memorial. If work zones deaths were eliminated, then we would be able reach these goals.

Your gifts to The Foundation help provide scholarships to the surviving dependents of those workers who made the ultimate sacrifice. Without them, I have been told many times, college might have been out of their reach. Your donations have made those scholarships possible, and through them, the dreams of many of these children have been realized.

ATSSA’s Toward Zero Deaths mantra is shared by all of us. It is important to remember that the public awareness generated by The Foundation and its programs goes a long way in motivating legislatures to support the safety initiatives so important to our industry, and the driving public as a whole.

We need to take care of our own, and all of these losses represent our industry. Each is felt by all of us. What will your legacy be? Help support YOUR Foundation - make an online donation to The Foundation today.


Sue Reiss
Foundation Board President

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