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Sign and Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Vault

April 16, 2013

Congressional Research Service Study: "Ensuring That Traffic Signs Are Visible at Night: Federal Regulations"

By David Randall Peterman, Analyst in Transportation Policy

Background: Since 2007, FHWA has amended certain national standards for traffic signs. Among the new standards were a measurable standard for the minimum level of nighttime visibility of traffic signs and a change in the lettering of street signs. These new standards were the subject of some confusion and controversy. Some state and local agencies complained that the new standards would be relatively costly to comply with during a period when state and local finances are strained. Some agencies also confused the new nighttime visibility maintenance standard, which originally included deadlines by which agencies had to comply with the new standard, with the new sign-lettering standard, which did not have compliance deadlines. In response to the criticism, FHWA eliminated some of the nighttime visibility maintenance standard compliance deadlines. This report provides background for the nighttime visibility maintenance standard and addresses some of the issues that have been raised about this standard. To view the complete study,click here .



ATSSA Retroreflectivity Brochure

Sign Retroreflectivity FHWA Docket

To see ATSSA's Comments to the Docket, Oct. 2011, click here.

To see AAA, AARP and the American Highway Users Alliance Comments to the Docket, click here.

To read the CRS Report on Revised Federal Standards for Traffic Signs, click here.

To be transported to the official FHWA Docket, “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Compliance Dates” click here

To post a comment to the docket – click here

To view existing comments to the docket – click here
Be sure to check the “Public Submission” box at this link to view

To view the FHWA's final rule on retroreflectivity, click here.

To view the FHWA pamphlet desribing the minimum requirements, click here.

To view the FHWA's assesment on the cost to state and local governments, click here.

To view a Congressional Research Service FAQs on Revised Federal Standards for Traffic Signs, click here.

Snopes.com explains and clarifies confusion in the USA Today article.

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Media Coverage on Retroreflectivity
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  11/01/2010   Read an article titled, "Street Sign Changes Are a Gradual Process" on the National League of Cities website.
  10/21/2010   To read ATSSA's letter to the editor in response to the USA Today article "ALL CAPS? Not OK on road signs, federal government says," click here.

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