State specifications for High Friction Surfacing (HFS) are below.


2014 Edition

AASHTO Provisional HFS Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing

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The proposed specification falls under the jurisdiction of the AASHTO SOM, Technical Section 4C, Coatings, Paints, Preservatives, Bonding Agents and Traffic Markings. It was approved by the Technical Section for review by the various AASHTO Materials Engineers.





HFST for Asphalt Pavements, Section 431 - Provision 12-0817 (01-09-14)



HFST, Section 405 (2004)



HFST, Section 37-6 (01-15-14)

Thin HFST Specification for Asphalt or Concrete, Section 10-1.18

HFST Special Provisions, Section 10-1.32, Page 98 (12-10-12)



HFS Specification: This work consists of furnishing and applying a high friction surfacing system in accordance with this Section and in conformity with the lines and details shown on the plans.

HFST, Section 333 (01-07-14)



GDOT Special Provision for HFST, Section 419 (08-16-13)

This work includes furnishing and installing a textured, HFST system in accordance with this Section and in conformity with the lines and details shown on the plans.

Ensure the color of the high friction surface treatment is similar to the surface on which it will be applied.

Ensure that a manufacturer's representative is available on site to provide technical assistance during the start-up operations and as necessary during the surface preparation, material placement and during any necessary remedial work.

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HFST Special Provision - BMRP/BSE (01-01-14)



HFST Special Provision - 505 (04-29-15)


Special Provision 12SP-800A-003

HFST Special Provisions Frequently Used

Additional Specifications for bridges 12SP-712B-01 12SP712C-01

MDOT White Paper on HFST

Report 17-01 on Friction Aggregates Published by National Center for Asphalt Technology


HFST Special Provision 00-c9001 (02-08-14)



HFST Draft 2014 Special Specification 10-13-2016



High Friction Epoxy Aggregate Roadway Surface Treatment Special Provision (01-24-12)




UK Highway Agency

Skid Resistance, Part 1: This Standard describes how the provision of appropriate levels of skid resistance for trunk roads will be managed. It details how measurements of skid resistance are to be made and interpreted and is complemented by HD 36 (DMRB 7.5.1), which sets out advice on surfacing material characteristics. This latest revision has changed requirements for setting investigatory levels, for annual SCRIM surveys, for determining the characteristic SCRIM coefficient and has further updates in line with current policy.

Part 1. Volume 7, Section 3 (HD 28/04)

Part 2. Volume 7, Section 5 (HD 37/99) Overview


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