High Friction Surfaces and Other Innovative Pavement Surface Treatments for Reduced Highway Noise 

Brochure - Got Friction? State-of-the-Art "High Friction Roadway Surface Treatments"
High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST) are cost-effective, life saving roadway engineering solutions that improve vehicle speed control in curves, transition areas at intersections, and on bridges.
Safety Opportunities in High Friction Surfacing (February 2013)
This publication was developed by members of ATSSA's High Friction Surfacing Council to assist policymakers better understand the impact of friction demand on roadway safety and the role that high friction surface treatments can play to improve safety at high-risk locations. The site promotes the use of pavement friction management programs to collect friction data. When combined with crash data, friction data can unmask unsafe locations and assist agencies in prioritizing the use of effective speed countermeasures. We hope you find this information helpful in the ongoing effort to create a safer driving environment for all motorists.


Safety innovations have been one of the leading factors in the decline of casualty rates in both the United Kingdom and the United States. It has been estimated that 53% of all fatal accidents are due to roadway departures. There are several reasons for roadway departures to occur. The four major reasons are roadway conditions, collision avoidance, vehicle failure, and driver error. At least three of these may be impacted by safety improvements within the road surface that can increase the coefficient of friction. By increasing this friction coefficient there is a reduced likelihood that a vehicle will leave the roadway. One proven safety method is the use High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST). The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has implemented a 3-year statewide safety improvement program using HFST at selected high-incident horizontal curve locations to improve pavement friction and reduce roadway departure crashes. The first round of results from the KYTC HFST has concluded a total crash reduction of 69% from an annual rate of 6.18 to 1.92.


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