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Chapter Meeting Materials
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 Oct 12, 2016 CH/VA-ATSSA Golf Outing Registration Form
 Oct 12, 2016 CH/VA -ATSSA Golf Sponsorship Form
 Oct 13, 2016 CH/VA-ATSSA Joint Chapter Meeting Agenda
 Oct 12-13, 2016 VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
 Dec 2006 VA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws
Chapter Archives
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Apr 6, 2016

VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary

VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date

Nov 4, 2015 VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting SAVE THE DATE (at ATSSA HQ in Fredericksburg)
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary (approved at 4/6/16 meeting)
Apr 15, 2015 VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Presentation:
     Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation & Research (Gomez)
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Presentation:
     VDOT Work Zone Traffic Control for Pedestrian & Bicyclists (Kelley)
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Reminder
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary from Oct 2014
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
Oct 1, 2014 VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
VA Chapter Agenda
VDOT Standards & Specifications Update, as of Oct 1, 2014
VDOT WZ Safety Team Reviews-David Rush, VDOT
VDOT WAPM Revisions-Paul Kelley, VDOT
VDOT Product Approval Procedures-William Duke, VDOT
VDOT Standardizing PCMS Messaging-Ginger Quinn, VDOT
ATSSA TMA Course Development-ATSSA Chief Instructor
Apr 2, 2014 VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Mar 21, 2014 Pavement Marking Committee Meeting Summary
Sep 18, 2013 VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
Significant Changes to 512 Specifications, as of May 7, 2014
Apr 18, 2012 Meeting Summary
VDOT Training Materials Order Form
High Visibility Clothing Requirements
Specs Standards Updates
VA Supplement Update
VA Supplement Training and Outreach Report
2011-2012 Virginia Poster Contest


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