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 Oct 2017
The Mason-Dixon Mixin' CH-VA Chapters Bowling Event is coming soon!
Mason-Dixon Mixin' SAVE THE DATE
ATSSA Vendor Participation Policy (Review and possible action)
Chapter News and Resources
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Apr 2017 VA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws *NEW*
Mar 2017 ATSSA Vendor Participation Policy
Dec 1, 2016 **VDOT Strategic Highway Safety Plan Emphasis Areas**
Chapter Archives
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Apr 2017 Removing TMA crashes from your record procedures (See right hand corner p. 2)
Apr 5, 2017

VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
VA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

Oct 13, 2016 CH/VA-ATSSA Joint Chapter Meting Agenda
Oct 2016 Connected/Automated Vehicles - DelDOT
  Autonomous Vehicles - Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC)
  Every Day Counts - FHWA
  Bike and Pedestrian Safety - MDSHA
  Crash Data in Work Zones - MDSHA
  ADA Manual Update - VDOT
  Highway Safety Improvements - VDOT



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