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ATSSA is "Green" - Please review and print materials prior to meeting as needed.

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Nov 14, 2018

PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice

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July, 19, 2018 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
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Nov 15, 2017 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
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PA-ATSSA Chapter Participation Matrix
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
Sept 15, 2016 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
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Nov 2017 PA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws
Oct 2017 PA-ATSSA Chapter Participation Matrix
March 2017 ATSSA Vendor Participation Policy
Sep 2013 PA-ATSSA Chapter Strategic Plan

Pennsylvania DOT       
Pennsylvania Turnpike

Notice The Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority has announced that effective immediately, all barrier and delineator guiderail MUST have the company name and model number on them or they will not be accepted.


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