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Chapter Meeting Materials
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July 20, 2017 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
Chapter Archives
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Mar 30, 2017 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
Nov 16, 2016 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary - Please contact Chapter Liasion for a copy
PA-ATSSA Chapter Participation Matrix
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
Sept 15, 2016 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
June 16, 2016 PA-ATSSA Summer Meeting AGENDA
Nov 18, 2015 *Note:  No Committee meetings were held for this date
PA-ATSSA Annual Fall Meeting Reminder (with times & agenda items)
PA-ATSSA Annual Fall Meeting Save the Date
Sept 17, 2015 PA-ATSSA Committee & Chapter Meeting Agendas (in one pdf)
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Committee Meeting - Guide Rail & Pavement Marking Agendas
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
 June 11, 2015 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Reminder
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Chapter Subcommittee Agendas - Guard Rail, PMC, TTC
PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
 Mar 12, 2015 PA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
PA-ATSSA Committee & Chapter Meeting Save the Date  
PA-ATSSA Committee Meeting Guide Rail Committee Agenda
PA-ATSSA Committee Meeting Pavement Marking Committee Agenda
PA-ATSSA Committee Meeting Temporary Traffic Control Committee Agenda
 Nov 18, 2014 PA-ATSSA Chapter Annual Meeting Save the Date
PA-ATSSA Chapter Annual Meeting Agenda
Chapter Resources
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Sep 2013 PA-ATSSA Chapter Strategic Plan
  PA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws
May 13, 2014 PA-ATSSA Chapter Participation Matrix
Mar 14, 2013 Proposed Changes to Pennsylvania Test Method No. 431

Pennsylvania DOT       
Pennsylvania Turnpike
Work Zone Safety and Mobility

Changes to Publication 213
PENNDOT Presentation on Act 229
PennDOT Remembers Fallen Roadway Workers With Meaningful Display

Poster Contest

Pennsylvania Poster Contest - To download the materials click here

Photographs from the Pennsylvania Chapter / Pa.-DOT poster contest program award presentations and from the National Work Zone Awareness week event can be seen by clicking here.

To see the Pennsylvania DOT's web page listing the 2010 Pennsylvania Chapter/PennDOT poster contest winners, click here.

Notice The Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority has announced that effective immediately, all barrier and delineator guiderail MUST have the company name and model number on them or they will not be accepted.


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