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Oct 19, 2016

NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

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 Apr 11, 2016  WZAW Promotes Safe Driving During Construction Season Article & Video
 Apr 11, 2016  Families of Killed DOT Workers Speak Out on Driving Safety Article & Video
 Mar 23, 2015  Work Zone Safety Week Article in the Albuquerque Journal
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July 20, 2016 NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
Apr 20, 2016

NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

Jan 20, 2016 NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
 Oct 28, 2015 NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
 July 22, 2015 NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
 Apr 22, 2015 NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary

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Jan 21, 2015

NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
NM-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

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Information  H.R. 3355 will work to reduce roadway deaths involving older Americans. The bill authorizes $500 million annually, and those funds can be used to make improvements such as signs with clear view fonts and retroreflective sheeting, retroreflective pavement markings, and left turn lanes, among others...Learn more
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