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Jun 6, 2017

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Nov 2001 IA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT Need Answers - January 2017
Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan PPT

Information for FLAGGERS

2528.10 FLAGGERS
The flaggers shall be trained about safe flagging operations that comply with Iowa DOT Flaggers Handbook, Part VI of the MUTCD, and the Standard Specifications prior to flagging operations. Training of flaggers shall include the following:
1. Issue and review the current Iowa DOT Flaggers Handbook,
2. Presentation of the current Iowa Professional Flagging Video,
3. Issue flagger training card, which shall include the following:
     Employee name,
     Date of training,
     Name of Instructor,|
     Expiration date of December 31 of the year following the training date.
     The flaggers shall carry their flagger training card at all times and show it 
     upon request.

4. Contractor shall maintain a list of the flaggers trained and the date of the training. 

Training shall not be required for short time, emergency, or relief assignment of employees to flagging operations. Payment will not be made in accordance with Article 2528.12, A, 7.

Flagger operations, equipment, and apparel shall confirm to the Iowa DOT Flagger's Handbook.

When nighttime flagging is required, auxiliary lighting shall be provided to illuminate the flagging stations according to the current Iowa DOT Flagger's Handbook. This lighting shall be set up in such a manner to minimize glare to motorists. The cost of furnishing nighttime flagging stations shall be included in the lump sum price bid for Traffic Control.

Complete requirements
April 2006 Flagger Handbook
High Visibility Garment Requirements


Iowa DOT
Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan PPT

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