Heart of America Chapter

Chapter Meeting Materials
Date Item
July 12, 2016 HOA-Meeting Summary
July 12, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
July 11-13, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Kinderhook hotel reservation information
July 11, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Roundtable Agenda
July 11-13, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Fishing/Golf/DOT Roundtable event registration form
July 12, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Indoor and/or Outdoor Display registration form
July 11-13, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting & Events - Contact hotel ASAP to book room(s)
Apr 6, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Spring Meeting
Jan 19, 2016 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting SAVE THE DATE
Oct 14, 2015 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Chapter News
Date Item
Sept 29, 2015 Kansas City is Spending Millions as it Carefully Faces Huge ADA Challenge
 Mar 23, 2015 Kansas Buildings & Bridge Light Up for NWZAW
 Mar 24, 2015 MoDOT Awareness Week Promotes Work Zone Safety
Chapter Archives
Date Item
Jul 14-15 2015 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Golf Registration Form
HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Tabletop Display Registration Form
HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Condo and Hotel Information
HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Save the Date
Apr 24, 2015 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Reminder
   FMCSA Update (April 2015)
Jan 21, 2015 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Nov 18, 2014

HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
   FMCSA Presention
   KDOT Presentation
   FHWA Presentation

Jul 15, 2014 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Apr 1, 2014 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Thank You Note From Family of Pat Donnelly
Jan 29, 2014 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Oct 29, 2013 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Apr 2, 2013 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Oct 30, 2012 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
2012 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Poster Contest - click here
Chapter Resources
Date Item
Sept 24, 2015 Temporary Roadside Safety Devices Letter from Kansas DOT
Jul 2013 HOA-ATSSA Chapter Bylaws
Links    Kansas DOT
   Missouri DOT
   Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)


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