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Oct 2016

National Work Zone Memorial at VDOT during CH/VA Joint Chapter meeting
(l to r: VA Chapter President Mark Council; VDOT Administrator Helen Cuervo;
CH Chapter President Bret Martine)

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May 2017 ATSSA's 2017 Fly In Washington DC Photos (below):
  President Martine, ATSSA staff, ATSSA members with Senator Carper
  President Martine & ATSSA's Bob Felt at Rep. Blunt Rochester's Office
  Past President Jeff Duthie, President Bret Martine, and ATSSA's Bob Felt
Mar 2, 2017 CH-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
  CH-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
Oct 13, 2016 CH/VA-ATSSA Joint Chapter Meeting Agenda
Oct 2016 Photos CH/VA Joint Chapter Golf & Meeting Sponsors
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Golf Chapter Presidents
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Golf Carts
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Golf On Green
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Golf At Teebox
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Golf Winners
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Meeting Connected Vehicle Slide
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Meeting National Work Zone Memorial at VDOT
  CH/VA Joint Chapter Meeting Group at Memorial
Chapter Resources
Mar 2, 2017 CH Chapter BYLAWS **NEW**
Oct 2016 Connected/Automated Vehicles - DelDOT
  Autonomous Vehicles - Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC)
  Every Day Counts - FHWA
  Bike and Pedestrian Safety - MDSHA
  Crash Data in Work Zones - MDSHA
  ADA Manual Update - VDOT
  Highway Safety Improvements - VDOT
  Federal Transportation Bill UPDATE - ATSSA's Government Relations
  ATSSA National UPDATE - ATSSA's Member Engagement

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Maryland Department of Transportation
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