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Oct 3 & 4, 2017 Carolinas-ATSSA Annual Meeting - Crown Plaza Tennis & Golf Resort, Asheville NC
May 11, 2017 Carolinas-ATSSA Midyear Chapter Meeting Save the Date
Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2016

Carolinas-ATSSA Annual Chapter Meeting Agenda
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Oct 6 & 7, 2016

Carolinas-ATSSA Annual Chapter Meeting & Golf/Fishing Notice
Carolinas-ATSSA Annual Chapter Meeting & Golf/Fishing 
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May 7, 2015 Carolinas-ATSSA Chapter PMC Committee Meeting Agenda
Carolinas-ATSSA Chapter TTC Committee Meeting Agenda
Carolinas-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Notice
Oct. 15, 2014 2014 Annual Meeting Registration Form


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June 2000 Carolinas-Chapter Bylaws
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South Carolina DOT
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North Carolina DOT Announces New Drum Specifications

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is in the process of implementing a design change affecting drums and skinny drums. The Work Zone Traffic Control Unit has been working with the South Carolina DOT to improve standardization between our 2 states in work zone layout and device specifications. As a result of this collaboration, we have both agreed to change our drum and skinny-drum standards to have devices that meet the specifications in both North and South Carolina. Both states have agreed to utilize a band pattern consisting of 4-6”retroreflective bands for each device. In addition, both states will now use Type III high intensity micro-prismatic sheeting or better as the new standard.

As such, beginning with the July 20, 2010 letting a new project special provision entitled “Channelizing Devices” will be included on all projects requiring “Drums” and/or “Skinny Drums”. We will continue to work with our industry partners and other state agencies to improve standardization of work zone traffic control standards and devices where appropriate to improve the quality of safety devices and reduce costs wherever possible.

Final Revised Project Special Provision
Notice to Bidders Memo

North Carolina DOT Announces Changes to QPL

All product evaluation coordination for Temporary Traffic Control products will now be handled through the Quality Enhancement Unit. All New Product Application forms will be handled by Leigh Wing who will enter them into the system and forward them to the Temporary Traffic Control Technical Work Group (TWG) for review. Once a decision has been made, the TWG will let Leigh Wing know and she will notify the Vendor in writing of the product status. The product status will also be updated in the system and will be reflected on NCDOT's online Qualified Products List (QPL).

New Product Applications should be sent to Leigh at:

Leigh M. Wing, P.E.
NCDOT - Quality Enhancement Unit
Product Evaluation Program Engineer
Phone: (919) 508-1860
Qualified Product List - QPL



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