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Chapter Meeting Materials
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April 27, 2017
1 pm - 3:30 pm
Zocalo Restaurant
Sacramento, CA

CAL-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda
Luncheon fee $40 per person
CAL-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary (Nov 2, 2016)
CAL-ATSSA Proposed Bylaws Amendments (Action Item)


Chapter Archives
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November 2, 2016

CAL-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
CAL-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda

May 4, 2016

CAL-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Summary
CAL-ATSSA Chapter Meeting Agenda


Chapter Resources
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2014 Last Amended Chapter Bylaws


Caltrans Home Page
Caltrans Strategic Highway Safety Program (SHSP)
Workzone Enforcement Pocket Guide (COZEEP/MAZEEP)
Title 8, Section 1599(f), Article 11:  Construction Safety Orders, Vehicles, Traffic Control, Flaggers, Barricades & Warning Signs
California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) 2014
Caltrans Traffic Operations & Policy DIrectives



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