A National Strategy on Highway Safety

The annual average of 41,500 fatalities from 2004-2009 prompted a national effort to reduce roadway crashes. Conceptualized by numerous participants during a workshop in Georgia in 2009 and supported by the Federal Highway Administration, the Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) national strategy on highway safety calls for all stakeholders to champion the effort with deliberate action. With the notion that one death is too many, we all must move the message forward to bring down the number of annual zero.

As a leader in the road safety industry, ATSSA was the very first membership association to support the nationwide TZD initiative. Many organizational stakeholders, along with ATSSA, understand our vital role as a conduit for change. A collaborative effort is needed, through the public and private sector, to push the initiative in a way that evokes emotion and induces action.

How Can You Show Your Commitment?

  • Take the pledge to share in this extraordinary cause and develop strategies that support the initiative.
  • Create a culture around the TZD initiative so that it becomes a way of life for you, your employees and your customers.
  • Deliver the message as part of your daily activities and throughout your communications platforms such as brochures, websites, and social media channels.
  • Display the TZD logo on your company shirts, your website, and your exhibit booths.
  • Display the TZD sticker on your vehicle and in your office.

A Special Thank You to the Supporters

  • Many stakeholders have pledged their support for the TZD initiative to reduce the number of workers killed each year. ATSSA encourages its members to join in this effort. Take a look at those who have taken the pledge.

For more information about this national strategy, contact ATSSA or visit the national website.


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