Political Action Committee & Roadway Safety Advancement Fund


About ATSSA’s Political Action Commitee (ATSSA PAC)

  • ATSSA PAC is a voluntary contribution program designed to build proactive industry relationships with key congressional leaders and build support for increased roadway safety funding. ATSSA PAC has helped support policy makers in Congress that have fought to increase the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), protected the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) and provided us with the single greatest increase in funding since the inception of the interstate program.



About the Roadway Safety Advancement Fund (RSAF)

  • The Roadway Safety Advancement Fund (RSAF) is a contribution program created in 1999 by ATSSA's Board of Directors. The objective of the RSAF is to support and implement proactive initiatives that emphasize the various roadway safety issues with quick-strike resources when the roadway safety industry comes under attack at the federal or local levels.

  • The RSAF is governed by an Oversight Committee consisting of fifteen ATSSA members. The RSAF supports ATSSA's efforts in building strong grassroots coalitions and develops and implements public awareness campaigns designed to educate legislators, the public and the media on roadway safety issues.

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RSAF & PAC Oversight Committee

  • The RSAF & PAC Oversight Committee promotes contributions and funding for roadway safety initiatives and policy. The current chair of the committee is Peter Speer (left photo) of Pexco/Davidson Traffic Control Products in Tacoma, Washington.

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  • The American Traffic Safety Services Association
  • 15 Riverside Parkway, Suite 100
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406-1077
  • Telephone: (800) 272-8772



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