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ATSSA’s Government Relations webpage is designed to help you create a safer roadway environment by impacting policy decisions at the federal, state and local level. Here you will find the latest information on our efforts to continue to educate federal, state and local officials on the importance of increasing the use of, and funding for, improved roadway safety devices and services.


Local Road Safety Bill Introduced

ATSSA is strongly supporting H.R. 4336, which will help make local roads as safe as possible.

Click here to read the bill.

Click here to see the letter from Rep.Michael Michaud (D-Maine) and Rep.Reid Ribble (R-Wis).

HSIP Congressional Letter

Rep.Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) and Rep.Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.), along with 26 of their colleagues, sent a letter supporting the Highway Safety Improvement Program to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Penn.) and Ranking Member Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) for their consideration.

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Click here to read the Dear Colleague cover letter.

FHWA Associate Administrator for Safety Tony Furst's Presentation during the ATSSA Legislative Briefing and Fly-In  


ATSSA Chairman Testifies Before Congress on Highway Bill

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DOT's Strategic Plan

ATSSA's comments on DOT's five year strategic plan. Click here to read the full details.

Election 2013 Transportation Ballot Results

To see the results, click here.

Study of Cost Effective Roadway Safety Infrastructure Improvements

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Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Bill - Letter to Members of Congress

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ATSSA Congratulates Rep. Bill Shuster on Selection as Transportation/Infrastructure Chairman

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Bonus Extension Letter

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ATSSA PAC Contribution Form

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ATSSA PAC Score Sheet

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Election 2012 Trans Ballot Questions

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Letter to Rep. Reed

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Sequester Report Available

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Endorsement Letter for H.R. 2084

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Updated DBE regulations

Letter to Ray LaHood (9-10-12)



TranSignal Attends Infrastructure "Jobs of the Future" Event at White House

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The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform releases deficit reduction report 

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Advertising Blitz Targets Four Vital Members of Congressional Committee Debating New Highway and Transit Bill

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Second Annual Rally for the Roads

HSIP Report

June 29, 2010 - “Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Obligations and Fatalities on U.S. Highways: Final Report

Executive Summary - “Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Obligations and Fatalities on U.S. Highways: Final Report

Safety Infrastructure Funding in MAP-21 Nearly Doubled Final Report


ATSSA’s Victims and Survivors Project

Each year, thousands of Americans are killed or injured on our nation’s roadways. In response to the high fatality rate on America’s roadways, ATSSA has committed itself to ensuring that these numbers begin to decrease, eventually reaching zero fatalities. ATSSA’s reauthorization policy – “Toward Zero Deaths” – outlines ATSSA’s plan in great detail.

In addition, ATSSA has developed a number of case studies involving actual families and people who have either lost a loved one due to a lack of roadway safety features or who have survived, thanks to an implemented safety feature.

ATSSA firmly believes that in generating these case studies and then presenting them to members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in Congress this year, ongoing improvement of our nation’s roadways will continue to evolve. It is believed that real faces and real stories will have a much more powerful effect than raw statistics.

Developing these case studies has been a challenge. ATSSA is contacting people at a time in their lives when they have just experienced a personal tragedy. Although it has been difficult, the people who have volunteered are those who wish to see change. They are willing to allow ATSSA to use their experiences as an example, hoping that in doing so, others will not have to suffer the same pain that they had to endure. ATSSA sincerely thanks all of those who have participated and for their patience and understanding in the matter, for they have put their fellow citizens before themselves. In doing so, they have become part of a movement to reach a fatality rate of zero on our nation’s roadways, and thanks to them, this goal may very well become a reality.

Victims Case Studies

Charles "Chuck" Bailey
Judy Bird
Andrew Clark
Chris Cochrane
Debra Griffin, Zach Leeson, Dusty Leeson
Richard "Rick" Moser

Survivors Case Studies

Officer Jeffery Belsma
Kristina Bernskoetter
Congressman John Duncan
Melissa Klohn
Karen Wasielewski
Terecia Wilson

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