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U.S. DOT advances deployment of Connected Vehicle Technology to prevent hundreds of thousands of more


Federal Highway Administration changes mentions of 'climate change' to 'resilience' in transportation more


A Battle Over Transportation Looms Mid-Session At Colorado more


Louisiana's transportation needs obvious, but solutions remain hard to more


Chao says U.S. drivers may face more tolls to raise infrastructure more


Construction worker struck, killed in more


Pence: Trump planning "big" infrastructure more


A new report from MoDOT shows pedestrian fatalities are rising across the Show Me more


BMW is one of the best car makers on the planet. It is also thinking seriously about what digital transformation means for the car more


Immediate Dividends: Within First 48 Hours, ITD’s New Cable Rail Improves I-15 more

Idaho Installs Cable Barrier at I-15 Site Known for Crashes, Sees Quick more


The University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus will serve as the Midwest’s Center for Connected and Automated Transportation, a new product financed by a $2.47 million grant from the U.S. Department of more


Snyder Signs New Michigan Self-Driving Vehicles more


Vehicle Tech Records Commercial Drivers’ Every more


U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Seeks Applications for Beyond Traffic Innovation more


Safe Driving Tips for more


New Report Documents Progress and Needed Investment to Move Freight Programs Forward In the 21st more


Ohio Announces Investment into "Smart Road" Along US more


No Messages: Electronic Signs Stay Dark, for more


DOTs Using Drones to Build Better more


GM’s Semi-Autonomous Super Cruise Gives Feds Cause for more


Feds Want ‘Driver Mode’ for Smart more


Illinois State Police Warn of I-80 Work Zone more


Man who Died in Crash During Trial Break was Driving Nearly Twice the Speed more


DOTs Prod Congress to Complete Fiscal 2017 Funding Bill With FAST Act more


National Highway Chief: 'Fully Self-Driving Cars' Decades more


What do Automated and Connected Vehicles Need to Know About Work Zones? more


Trump Infrastructure Plan is Private Money and Tax more


Ann Arbor U.S. 23 ‘Flex Route’ Cost-effective Fix to Traffic James, MDOT more


Wave of Ballot Measures Win Passage to Boost, Protect Transportation more


Crash Kills Trucker on I-75 in Wood more


No Joke: TP is being used on Colorado city’s more


Trooper Hurt in Third Accident in Work more


Fiery Wreck Hurts Two After Lumber Truck Blows Tire on I-81 North in Montgomery more


Cities Leading the Way to the Driverless more


EverQuote Study Determines Top 10 Most Dangerous more


Groups Press Candidates on Infrastructure more


There’s No Data to Drive Automated-car Safety more

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